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For several years, Culturespaces has chosen to create and develop digital arts centres, in France and beyond, alongside our traditional activity of managing monuments, museums, arts centres and traditional temporary exhibitions.

For these digital arts centres and their next generation exhibitions, we have created Culturespaces Digital, covering three areas of activity:

Culturespaces Digital Design

Drawing on the experience we have gained in creating or showcasing a wide range of cultural sites, Culturespaces Digital Design is responsible for devising and setting up digital arts centres. Each space, chosen for its history and vast size, is optimally designed to welcome between 500,000 and 1 million visitors. This involves the organisation of the spaces, renovation works, decoration, sound-proofing, ventilation, audio and video equipment, lighting, safety equipment, welcome team, gift shop, etc.

Culturespaces Digital Tech

Developed for the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, Culturespaces Digital Tech coordinates and implements cutting-edge technologies to put on digital exhibitions with the best possible sound and image quality.

In 2012, Culturespaces presented immersive exhibitions at Carrières des Lumières using AMIEX® technology. The original technology proved to be limited in terms of meeting the needs of holding ever more creative exhibitions using over 100 video projectors. In collaboration with French companies, Culturespaces developed more high-performance and innovative technologies to create and put on increasingly complex immersive digital projects, on a huge scale. They were installed at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris in 2018, then used at the Bunker de Lumières in South Korea, the Carrières des Lumières in Les Baux-de-Provence, the Bassins des Lumières in Bordeaux, the Hall des Lumières in New York as well as the Phoenix des Lumières in Dortmund, and will soon be in use at the Port des Lumières in Hamburg.

To make use of this technology, Culturespaces Digital Tech relies on a new generation of streaming servers that are able to simultaneously store and play dozens of terabytes. This infrastructure is driven by a dedicated show control software programme designed and developed to meet the specific needs of Culturespaces Digital. That’s more than 150 video projectors, around 100 spatialised speakers and subwoofers, and an LED mapping installation enabling a wide variety of light displays that this technology makes work in collaboration at each of our sites.

Thanks to our render farm, constantly updated by a specialist team, Culturespaces Digital Tech possesses enormous processing power to be able to modify and adapt immersive exhibitions in our different digital arts centres in record time.

Culturespaces Digital Studio

With the experience we have acquired in traditional temporary exhibitions and in acquiring pieces of art, Culturespaces Digital Studio is responsible for producing a variety of digital exhibitions: classic, modern and contemporary in long, short or special formats.

Its visual service guarantees access to an extremely high-quality digital image library. It also takes care of the complex issue of rights of different works (music, paintings, photography, film, etc.) that are required to hold a digital exhibition, in France and around the world. Today, Culturespaces Digital Studio has a catalogue of digital exhibitions covering over five centuries of art history, presenting artists from different cultures and movements.

With Culturespaces Digital, Culturespaces is the leading cultural operator to have teams and comprehensive expertise combining the design and creation of digital arts centres, the technological mastery to put on exhibitions, the production and cataloguing of immersive digital exhibitions displaying classic, modern and contemporary artists.

Culturespaces Digital’s digital arts centres

- Carrières des Lumières, Les Baux-de-Provence (opened in 2012)
- Atelier des Lumières, Paris (opened in 2018)
- Bunker des Lumières, Jeju (opened in 2018)
- Bassins des Lumières, Bordeaux (opened in 2020)
- Hall des Lumières, New York (opened in 2022)
- Fabrique des Lumières, Amsterdam (opened in 2022)
- Theâtre des Lumières, Séoul (opened in 2022)
- Phoenix des Lumières, Dortmund (opened in 2023)
- Port des Lumières, Hamburg (opening in 2024)


“The original works of art of great artists are eternal, but they’re always scattered around museums and in collectors’ homes across the world. Today’s technology gives us new ways of bringing together these artworks, helping a greater number of people discover or rediscover them across the generations. This is the new direction that we have decided to pursue at Culturespaces, in France and around the world.”
Bruno Monnier, President of Culturespaces